This is a real-time game guide. You can see how to play and the type of game.

Order of Joining Game
  1. Select all types & desired types
  2. Click on the competition to participate, and you can participate in a variety of game types and real-time games, such as No. 3 and 4.
  3. You can view information about the game in real time. They show team data before and after the game, they show play animation and real-time scores.
  4. You can enjoy various types of betting. (Real-time games only allow single-pole betting.)
  5. If you selected the game, enter the desired betting amount and check the expected GP.
  6. Re-check that the selected game is correct.
  7. Click (Place a bet) for betting
Betting cart
  1. Once you put in the GP as much as you want to place a bet, you can check the GP you will win according to the dividend rate
  2. You can cancel the selected game.
    ※ In real-time game, only the folder can bet. ※
  3. Click (Place a bet) for betting