This is a notice for the money line bets. You can figure out how to play and the type of game.

Order of Joining Game
  1. Select all types & desired types
  2. You can check out different game types by clicking (More) in the game where you will join.
  3. You can set your betting odds and in-play game points (GP) in the betting slip and join the game by clicking (Bet) button.
View game types (More button)
  1. You can choose more types of games like No.2 when you click (View more).
  2. You can choose win bets, handicap, and over/under in accordance with the standard, and in football you can also bet on a combination type of game.
Betting cart
  1. Once you put in the GP as much as you want to place a bet, you can check the GP you will win according to the dividend rate
  2. You can check or cancel the selected game.
    Depending on the number of game folders you have participated in, you will receive free bets : 3 folders -1.03 / 5 folders -1.05 / 7 folders 1.07.
    ※ Free bets do not apply to the betting below 1.30. ※
  3. Click (Place a bet) for betting